I recently discovered that Google has a 'sites' feature that allows you to set up a barebones web site. The appearance may not be great but it's free. Sure it's a bear to wrangle at times but the reviews, at least, look somewhat similar to how they appeared originally on the Yahoo 360 site once uploaded; something I've sadly never been able to accomplish with the Yuku Blog feature. No matter what I do the font size of all posts seems to be set to "flea poop". So, long story short, I'm in the process of migrating the reviews and articles from the original Yahoo 360 Mise-en-scene Crypt site over to what will become the new Google sites Mise-en-scene Crypt site.

Sadly this process is taking far longer than I anticipated as Yahoo has pretty much abandoned Yahoo 360 and accessibility of the original posts is intermitten, at best. Alas if you're here you probably already know that. But do not despair. This Blog will likely be unaffected and remain the "archive back-up" for Mise-en-scene Crypt, however I'll be conentrating on getting those old reviews uploaded to the new site rather than here.

Once more the new 'sites' url is: http://sites.google.com/site/miseenscenecrypt/