Year: 1993

Run Time: 99 minutes

Cast: Brigitte Nielsen, Paul Koslo, Kimberley Kates, Kari Whitman, Jana Svandová.

Director: Lloyd A. Simandl

AKA: Chained Heat 2 - Exzesse im Frauengefängnis/ Peklo v řetězech 2

MPAA Rating: R

Perverse Sexual Situations?

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Availability: In addition to the R1 DVD viewed for this review CH 2 can be found in the (probably OOP) R2 "Chained Heat Triple Box Set" from ABUK but not the "Chained Heat Collector's Box ", the latter being a German release. Additionally there's a version available directly from the director, information including a trailer and photo gallery of this release can be found here. (WARNING: NSFW)

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Where's the skin?


Sometimes, when you can't find those movies you really want in stock at brick and mortar stores, you decide to take a chance and buy something from the budget bin. The same applies with reviews. So it was that I reached into my stack of movies a while ago and grabbed CHAINED HEAT 2. It's one of those movies you find on sale that you buy because of name recognition; in this case the actor's name that led me to make this particular purchase was Brigitte Nielsen (Red Sonja).

So what is CHAINED HEAT 2? Obviously it's a sequel. Like the original it's a WIP (women in prison) movie that's, well, it's. .

Please don't ogle us!

Chained Heat 2 is the kamikaze water balloon that hits your sainted grandmother in the side of the head at the annual family reunion resulting in a stream of radioactive invective being unleashed that would peel the paint off of an aircraft carrier unintentionally funny, at times. If it's not the dialogue, the way the actors are delivering their dialogue, or the situational absurdity then it's some combination of the three.

Perhaps my favorite supporting character in the entire movie has to be Rosa. .


Whose screen presence is that of a butch female Klaus Kinksi. From the second she walked into scene, leering with wonton lascivious intent at her female cast mates, I knew this character was going to be special. And boy is she ever! Long story short Rosa is the big bad butch guard that controls the cellblock and, sometimes, plays sadistic Sapphic domination games with the warden.

And who is the warden? Why it's none other than Brigitte Nielsen. .

Red Sonja!

Sadly the director plays it close to the cuff, either that or the producers wouldn't pony up the dough to get name talent to go au natural. Thus much is left to the imagination as the "perversion" is either implied or happens off screen. Pity. It would have been funny, in a curiously morbid sort of way, to see what was implied play out "for real" between certain actresses. Somehow I don't think anyone would have been able to make it through their scenes with a straight face, which would have lent even more strain to the sense of surreal absurdity that permeates this flick.

The ugly girl's really a guy.


At this point you're probably expecting some illuminating insights into how CHAINED HEAT 2 compares to CHAINED HEAT. In short it was better in some ways and worse in others. Then again the original starred Linda Blair and Sybil Danning. Not that there's anything wrong with Brigitte Nielsen, but she doesn't have a nude scene with Linda Blair. As for continuity between the two movies. .


There is no relation, beyond the title, between these two productions. CH is about a girl sent to jail for, if memory serves, vehicular manslaughter or some such. CH is set in America. CH is an exploration of sadism and jailhouse corruption. CH 2 is about a girl framed and sent to jail for drug possession. CH 2 is set in Prague. CH 2 is a featherweight exploration of WIP clichés and how evil foreign prison systems are. CH was made in 1983 while CH was made in 1993, by different producers and directorial talent; that says it all.

Lover's spat?

No, really, that's it. CH 2 is a relatively mediocre WIP flick- none of the principles get nude, shocking considering what a spectacle Ms. Nielson made of herself on a certain reality TV show- that never rises above the typical mix of genre clichés found in such movies. For a movie warning about "Perverse Sexual Situations" in the MPAA splash screen I found this rather bland, almost dully ordinary. The movie looks well put together but, to quote Brigitte Nielsen's character, "This is very bad!

Indeed this is not one of Brigitte Nielsen's better efforts thus that line is almost prophetic, then again CH 2 is a cut above her recent reality TV work; which isn't saying much. Sadly those looking for gratuitous nudity from Ms. Nielsen will be disappointed. As will fans of sleazy WIP flicks looking for sadistic lesbian catfights and other depraved debauchery. Those looking for anything more than suggestive lightweight sapphism and implied perversity will need to get their fix somewhere else, probably from one of director Lloyd A. Simandl's more recent DTV releases.

And who is Lloyd A. Simandl?

(to be continued)

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