Somewhere in the world brand new DVDs of Beast in Space are playing to shocked and awed audiences. Alas as my local Borders only stocked a copy of Caligula: The Imperial Edition earlier this month (and only a single copy at that) I somehow doubt I'll be seeing it any time soon. In the meantime there's quite a few interesting items to look forward to while waiting to see if any of the local brick and mortar stores actually decide to stock it. For instance. .

According to MTV Movies Blog, Rose McGowan is still set to star as Barbarella. So how far along into pre-production are they? According to the article Ms. McGowan stated that, "Half of the sets have been built. The costumes are done," and "I've got part of a spaceship built for me!" If they've started building sets one would assume they are planning to actually shoot the movie.

So barring a prolonged SAG strike to keep the movie from getting off the ground what can we expect? Well Ms. McGowan is quoted as further stating, "The original doesn't have a lot to go on plot-wise. It's one thing to do a remake of something that could have been much better storywise even if it was fantastic visually. It's another thing to remake something."

Not knowing what the original context of the quotes used in that article are all I can say is. . .


Barbarella was based (loosely) on a comic. There most certainly is a TON of ideas, from the original source, that could be mined for a new screen adaptation; which is what one would hope the point of this project was. If it's just to remake the original movie then this entire project isn't just pointless it's going to be utter rubbish. But what do I know.

I know that reports United Artists or Tom Cruise's UA subsidiary production company (seems to be some confusion over which) has hired Ronald D. Moore, the man responsible for the Sci-Fi channel's re-envisioned Battlestar Galactica series, to pen a new sci-fi trilogy for the big screen is probably not a good thing. After all there's also reports out there's a nBSG prequel in the works, called Caprica, and that Mr. Moore is rumored to be slated to start work on a new series in the wake of nBSG called Virtuality for Fox. That sounds like an awful lot of work for one man. One wonders how long he can keep the pace up before burning out.

Speaking of things burning out word on the 'net is Terminator 4 may be toast. (Initial reports indicate production has been stopped, possibly in relation to copyright related lawsuits, which could mean anything.) However Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles might have dodged the bullet. A second season looks to be on the horizon. At least that's the buzz.

Sadly there doesn't seem to be any buzz about the Clash of the Titans remake. (One does wonder if they plan to go crazy with the CGI and ramp up the pseudo-steam punk vibe by including more than just a mechanical owl.) Try to Google for info about the movie and all you get is a bunch of articles in which writers overuse the cliché "clash of the titans" as if that adds weight to their fluffy bunny stories. Well, okay, the reports about Microsoft's launching a hostile bid to take over Yahoo isn't fluffy bunny stuff, but it's not about a movie remake either. But that's okay I couldn't find out much about author Kenneth Johnson's reported desire to revisit V- remember the 80s mini-series?- by making a blockbuster movie.

But a movie of what? His novel V - The Second Generation or a an actual retread of the original mini-series? So far it just seems like it's an idea being kicked about, then again I swear that rumors about a new V mini-series/TV movies seems to circulate not that long ago. Speaking of things vaguely recalled by faltering memory do you remember the movie Piranha? According to Sci-Fi Wire looks like a 3-D remake is in the works. As is a X-Files movie sequel.

Interesting site, Sci-Fi Wire, they have rumors about Jericho possibly moving to Comcast. Ayup, a really great and informative rumor section. *sarcasm* I particularly love this nugget in the article: "It's unclear what form a revived Jericho would take or where it would air." IOW: We don't know jack but figured, hey, you people that like Jericho will increase our page hit count by a factor of 10 just to find out there's nothing of substance here. Gotcha! Ayup. They reeled me in hook, line, and sinker. *sigh* And don't even ask me what I think about the article about the 3-D Tron sequel. Or the rumor about Pixar planning a John Carter of Mars live-action series, or was it series of movies? (See how the rumor thing works?) So moving on. .

Actually I was going to post something about the Star Wars TV series in the works but after reading indications are it's going to be heavily reliant on CGI and expand the universe with new characters and. . . I'm done. Sure Lucas Films does far better CGI work than the bargain basement production companies sciffy hires but it's sounding like Mr. Lucas hasn't learned anything from past mistakes. KISS George, KISS! (And I don't mean the rock band.)