What happened to DVD sales?

I used to looked forward to Halloween, the displays of costumes, the candy, the excuse to buy fake blood, and, of course, the horror movies. With rental stores and independant video retailers going the way of the dodo it seems like the big chains have decide they just don't care. They offer us mass produced mediocrity at wholesale prices, which is fine, up to a point. But Halloween seems to have gotten trod underfoot. Already the Christmas displays are up. And Halloween is not even here yet and Thanksgiving is over a month away!

Now I don't know about you but I don't want a gift basket of sausages or cheeses that having been sitting around in a store for THREE MONTHS; do you?

Alas it's hard to ignore the stupdity of retailers. Especially when they don't give us the usual distraction, like Halloween horror movie specials. So far this Halloween season has been a massive disappointment, at least where DVD releases are concerned. There's a megafukton of candy out there though. I'm sure the dentists will have plenty of business next year. Alas even the stores that make an effort are just collecting select horror titles together into one place and putting up a "we dare you to watch" banner.


Best Buy did have sales going on some stuff, like those 8 Movies to Die For collection ($6.99 ea now) and a few other things. They also had a re-release of Killer Klowns. It's (I think) $9.99, looks exactly like the release that's been going for $3 at Big Lots, save it has one of those nifty ID4 covers that has a different pic when you turn it this way and that. But I could be wrong. Looks nifty though.

My local Wal*Mart didn't have any really interesting Halloween themed DVD displays this year either. Yet they did have a TON of stupid Halloween themed CD collections. They seemed to be hanging from corner of the candy aisle. I have noticed some horror movies in their $5 display, including a number of multi movie collections that seem to be pairings of 2-3 movies of the usual PD fare with 1 movie that's not. Or if it is it's rare. The collections were titled something like Ghosts, Witches, Slashers et al. There were also some Echo Bridge DVD 2 packs there. The one I recall paired Journey to the Center of the Earth, which aired earlier this year on Hallmark IIRC, with some other Jules Verne Hallmark flick. Passed. But only because I'd already picked the Jules Verne flick up at K-Mart. Speaking of which. .

K-mart has some 2 for $5 DVDs. I don't frequent this particular store so I have no idea if this is something new or if it's a promo that's been going awhile; either way the selection is pretty poor. Regular sticker price is $3.99 and you have to tell the cashier about the sale and have her call a manager to confirm, which is kind of a drag, but I did walk away with Journey to the Center of the Earth and Cyber Jack for $2.50 each. Sadly their DVD selection was mostly "family" themed fare. Of note is the appearance of some Echo Bridge and Westlake DVDs. The latter appear to be new, at least they aren't using cover art I've ever seen before. I was actually surprised to turn the DVDs over and see these were Westlake DVDs. What I saw was pretty much PD type product but the company logo looked different, but what do I know.

I'll tell you what I know. Halloween has gotten the sh!t end of the stick. This used to be a fun holiday. Now it's just an excuse to buy cheap plastic Christmas trees early. Bah! Humbug!!
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