Looks like some new $3 DVDs are finally trickling into the Big Lots in my region. Visited one of the larger stores (the ONLY one I know of that actually has a separate section for BOOKS) just across the city line and it had three display areas with DVDs. Not a lot of horror but there were a dozen or so ANIME box sets. Or rather those starter box sets that come with the first DVD in a series and some with statues or other gimmicky "collector" items attached. Mostly looked like sailor princess type "ages 13 and up" fare. I was not interested so don't recall any titles.

However here's the new DVDs I do recall:

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (CE)
Mom and Dad Save the World
Psycho III
The Boogeyman (w/ bonus Return of Boodeyman)
Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Panic Room SE (3 discs)
Gattaca (non-superbit release)
Castle Keep
1st season Cracker
1st season Who's the Boss
Gunslinger's Revenge
Hollow Man (superbit)
Hollow Man 2 (non-superbit)
Moulin Rouge (1952)
Urban Legend (Final Edition, I think)
What Planet Are You From?
Mysterious Island (Harryhausen)
Empire Falls (2 disc Miniseries)
The Notorious Bettie Page
The Brood
Citizen X
Fatal Instinct
Illegally Yours
Citizen Cohn
A Few Good Men
Rat (some sort of comedy ???)
Long Time Dead (least I think that's what the title was)
The Caveman's Valentine
The Beast (war movie)
The Unsaid
The Devil's Backbone
Hunt For The BTK Killer
Roughnecks Tophet Campaign (are there others???)

There were a few horror titles, a couple other 3 disc SE, a Clark Gable (?) WW II submarine movie, and one or two TV series whose titles I can't recall but, for the most part, that's most of what I saw.

Good hunting!