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Misenscene Crypt Archive Blog

  1. So many reviews, so little time!

    05/12/08 23:46:01 | 0 Comments

    Sometimes it's nice take a break and read reviews someone else has written. It's also rather amusing.

    The first reviews of Severin's DVD(s) are starting to appear. BEAST IN SPACE has been unleashed onto the public and reviewers and critics are beginning to put words to what they've seen. (Which is making for interesting reading.) It's no great secret that Alfonso Brescia's space opera's aren't so much an acquired taste as something you just learn to get...
  2. A Beastly blog update!

    05/07/08 18:56:18 | 0 Comments

    The BEAST IN SPACE review has been updated with information on the DVD releases. This update will not be reflected in the archived version of this review posted on CRYPT SPACE. However I will attempt to update the old Mise-en-scene Crypt blog entry (
  3. Yet more sci-fi news!

    04/25/08 15:34:58 | 0 Comments

    Is BLAKE'S 7 getting the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA treatment and getting a new series? According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Sky One is planning to remake cult '80s space (opera) series Blake's Seven."
    For those who've never heard of it that's a classic British series, created by Terry Nation, from circa the...
  4. What's news in the world of sci-fi?

    04/21/08 04:36:46 | 0 Comments

    Somewhere in the world brand new DVDs of Beast in Space are playing to shocked and awed audiences. Alas as my local Borders only stocked a copy of Caligula: The Imperial Edition earlier this month (and only a single copy at that) I somehow doubt I'll be seeing it any time soon. In the meantime there's quite a few interesting items to look forward to while waiting to see if any of the local brick and mortar stores actually decide to stock it. For instance. . According to