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  1. Spotlight On: War Gods Collection

    05/27/09 20:16:17 | 0 Comments

  2. [DVD Spotlight] Hercules Collection

    04/27/09 07:08:53 | 0 Comments

  3. Calling all Bloggers! (Advice sought.)

    06/02/08 19:13:29 | 0 Comments

    Greetings All,

    Between the various problems my Mise-en-scene Crypt blogs are encountering I decided to throw caution to the wind and set up a new blog, this time under Blogger.

    I know a few of you here are on Blogger any hints, suggestions, or other words of advice for a novice just getting started? The new blog is called Cosmic Cinema. The URL is:

    So far I've not...
  4. NERO

    05/29/08 17:07:46 | 0 Comments

    SYNOPSIS Twilight falls over ancient Rome as the boy Nero is caught up in political machinations beyond his control during the reign of mad Emperor Caligula. With his father murdered Nero is separated from his exiled mother and sent to live as a slave on a farm. When Caligula is assassinated and Claudius crowned Emperor, Nero, now a teen, returns to a troubled Republic where he is reunited with his mother; the devious scheming...

    04/17/08 00:18:56 | 0 Comments

    Last year when I reviewed the Sci-Fi original movie Sands of Oblivion I issued a plea to the Sci-Fi channel asking they "step away from these cheap horror productions for a while and get back to your SF roots. Give your producers and directors a chance to explore different frontiers of storytelling. Even a bit of tongue-in-cheek sword-and-sorcery...